The 25 by 2025 Toolkit

Thank you for your commitment to the 25 by 2025 campaign! Below is a collection of resources to help you advocate for domestic violence survivors and their pets. You can download resources individually or download as a whole.

Download the Toolkit

Guide to using the advocacy toolkit

1. Start with your local domestic violence shelter.

Find your local domestic violence shelter at and determine if they are pet friendly. If they are pet friendly, thank them and encourage them to reach out to receive a pet-friendly badge.

If they are not pet friendly, share details on the campaign, why it is important, and what resources exist to help their transition, and ask them to take the pledge. 

2. Reach out to community leaders

Find local government officials at My Reps ( or emergency services leaders on your municipality’s website

Contact your local humane society, animal rescues and shelters, veterinarians, and anyone who identifies as an animal welfare advocate.

3. Spread the movement!

Post on social media, tell your friends and family about the 25 by 2025 campaign, why it is important to you and why they should support it!  

A man Sitting On Sofa At Home With Golden Retriever Dog stock photo


Includes horizontal and vertical (stacked) versions of the official 25 by 2025 logo. 

Horizontal Logo:
Vertical (Stacked) Logo:

Sample Emails

Includes sample emails to domestic violence shelters that are not yet pet friendly, domestic violence shelters that are pet friendly, local government officials, animal welfare advocates, and your family & friends.

Letters to the Editor

Includes two versions of letters to the editor to submit to your local newspaper.

Copy for Newsletters

Includes a full newsletter article and a short newsletter insert.

Social Media

Includes social media posts, captions, and graphics. Use the photos and graphics downloaded with this toolkit alongside the messages. 

Social Media Copy:

Take the Pledge

The 25 by 2025 Pet-Friendly Pledge is a commitment to keep pets and people together.

There’s a place for everyone in our movement. Take the pledge today, claim your badge, and display it proudly everywhere!